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Posted by admin at 10:37 AM on Nov 22, 2018


 Today is a day we remember to give thanks to all the people in our lives and feel grateful for what we have. I want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving and leave you with one of my coaching tips.

     This holiday season it will be easy to get pulled and stretched in different directions. When I work with people on balancing the demands we are challenged with, I often have them think of an equilateral triangle. On each side of this triangle are equal representations of you, family/friends, and work. During this time of year, it's likely that this triangle gets stretched in ways that no longer feel equal.  While the ebb and flow of each day may temporarily move our focus around, it’s important that we have balance, to be strong for ourselves, and still have enough to give to others in our life and have the energy to be effective at work. 

     Check your calendar, whatever you use to schedule your day and see what shows up. Often, you’ll find important appointments or business meetings, but what else is there? Since what shows up on our calendar tends to take priority, consider writing or inputting other things you’ve been meaning to get to, that reflect a more balanced triangle.  If you only input work agendas, you may not leave time for yourself. If you don’t input anything, your day may get away from you. Each day, schedule something for all parts of your triangle.  Allow your calendar to reflect you, those who need attention in your life, and your business as well.

     As you schedule the three aspects of your life as often as you can, you will condition mindfulness toward the many things that draw your attention.  You’ll be realistic in what you can accomplish each day and you’ll create parameters to keep you on task.  Try it out and let me know what challenges you.