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Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching Services:

Simple techniques and strategies can make big impacts on performance. If you're facing a challenge in your life or would like to establish a clear direction toward accomplishing your goals, consider partnering with me to greatly increase your chance of success. When there are important elements in our life to work through, teaming up with an experienced and non-judmental coach is a tremendous asset. Few great achievements have been made alone and often the road is longer when you don’t have good help. I’ve coached many people from those at pivotal financial points to those who have lost balance between their work and home life. We will identify what your hurdles are, clarify exactly what you truly want to make happen and together go step by step into the next daily action. 


Schedule a complimentary session with me to answer your questions and learn more about what we can achieve together.


Areas of Focus:

  • Work/Life Balancing

  • Time Management and Organization

  • Fitness and Health Consulting

  • Nutritional Consulting

  • Personal Communication Strategies

  • Stress Management

  • Individual Effectiveness

My program includes weekly or bi-weekly sessions during the early phases along with a customized personal plan. Email support is available between sessions which are conducted either over the phone, videoconference or in-person when available. 


"I’ve learned from Erik the importance of the integration of the mind, body and spirit and the way keeping these three elements in balance can contribute to overall wellness.  Working with Erik has been a great experience and I am pleased to have the opportunity to
recommend him."

-C.R., Fashion Executive


"Erik should be a part of your plan. He has helped me in so many ways to reach goals that I had long abandoned. " 
-R.M., Art Director